Royal baby news leaves me hoping for a girl

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I may well have mentioned once, or 20 times, over my years as a columnist that I am a big fan of the Royal family.

I like the Queen, Prince Charles, even Camilla - but I absolutely adore The Cambridges and I always pick up a magazine or newspaper if there are new pictures of Kate, William and baby George in it.

So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to hear the lovely Kate is pregnant again and we can expect a second Royal baby in the spring.

This baby will be fourth in line to the throne, behind big brother George, so whether there will be quite so much media attention on Kate’s bump, morning sickness and hospital visits remain to be seen. Perhaps this time the media frenzy over her baby’s birth won’t be focused on the door of a London hospital.

But I’m sure once again that every young mum will look to Kate for inspiration in how to dress when expecting, what pram to be seen pushing and the latest designer clothes to dress their little one in.

Prince George always looks so stylish and I love that Kate opts for traditional colours and outfits. It’s so nice to see a baby boy in a romper suit instead of the usual jeans and I’ve noticed the Kate effect has 
rubbed off on the general public too with traditional outfits increasing in popularity since George came along.

So, now that Kate has sorted out baby boy fashion, I’d love to see what she could do for baby girls.

I hate the clothes women dress their daughters in today. Every baby girl I see has ridiculously large headbands stuck on their tiny bald heads and the most popular colour for clothes seems to be headache -inducing neon pink. Lots of tiny tots have their ears pierced before they can even hold their own heads up and I have to hold my tongue when I see a baby wearing a fluffy tutu.

So I’m really hoping for a girl. If royal baby number two is a princess, I’m sure Kate will completely shake up baby girl fashion and I’ll be able to raise her even further up on that pedestal I have her on.