Role models in community

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Everyone has their role models.

While you can have one at any age, it’s mainly youngsters who latch on like limpets to the people who impress them most and those who they aspire to be.

Role models, both good and bad, include pop stars, actors, sports people, teachers, writers and even, in some extreme cases, politicians.

Your main role models growing up start off as your parents or guardians and then spread outward as you start to get out and about and experience more about the world around you.

Check out this mixed bag from my very own early role model collection - The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and, a wee bit later on, Eric Clapton and stand-up legend Bill Hicks.

Now I’m a parent I suppose I’ve actually become something of a role model myself. While I do my best, I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest role model that ever walked the earth, but thankfully I can already see my four-year-old latching on to his own heroes.

His current posse consists of You Tube legends Blitzwinger, Evan Tube and Stampy and Ballistic Squid. He’s already left the likes of Spongebob Squarepants, and possibly myself, behind as he takes on more challenges and activities.

And you can’t get a better pair of role models than the instructors in his Friday Tiger Cub class and his Saturday morning street dance club.

Forget your Beyonces and Biebers, these are the kind of folk who deserve real hero worship, people who give up their time and use their talents and skills to help and develop others.