Rioja with a difference

Wine, wine, wine
Wine, wine, wine

White Rioja is not something that springs to everyone’s mind–the region is best known for its delicious reds.

But a young white Rioja is the ideal partner to the Keralan Vegetable Curry recipe.

The Rioja’s bright citrus lift The freshness and the delicate spices of the curry and the creamy coconut milk in the sauces, and emphasises the freshness of the vegetables.

Rioja has a proud history – the first document to make reference to protecting and ensuring the quality of Rioja wines dates from 1650, but even before that, in 1102, King Sancho of Navarra legally recognized the wine.

The wine-making process for whites sees the whole grape passed to a draining tank. The stems are then removed and it is pressed to obtain the must which is transferred to the fermentation tanks.

After fermentation, the wine is decanted. After separating the solid matter, the wine is transferred to storage tanks and subjected to quality controls.

Rioja wines are aged in massive 225 litre oak casks, with periodic rackings, followed by a further period of ageing in the bottle.