Reviving daughter’s love affair with tooth fairy

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I’m such an eejit sometimes.

I really need to try to remember things a bit better after seeing my six-year-old daughter’s face when the tooth fairy didn’t leave money under her pillow.

Honestly, it’s one of the most important jobs a parent has and I blew it.

One of her top teeth fell out while she was eating dinner last week and she was so excited about it.

It was a job to get her to finish her dinner but, when she did, she rushed straight to the bathroom to wash her enamel money-maker and place it straight under the pillow, even though it was only six o’clock.

She fell asleep about 9 p.m. that night with a big grin on her face, envisioning a wee fairy sneaking under her pillow and leaving her money for treats in exchange for a tooth to help her build a ‘tooth castle’ in the sky.

However, idiot here crashed out on the couch, woke up about 1 a.m. and trudged into bed totally forgetting to take out the tooth and place a couple of quid in its place.

I was awoken by a very disappointed wee girl the next morning.

I told her the tooth fairy must have been too busy to come through the night as lots of wee girls and boys must have lost teeth and that she would definitely come soon.

To my surprise she just shrugged and believed every word of my treacherous excuse.

So we went and had breakfast and, halfway through, I excused myself to slip back into her room and do the necessary without her noticing.

As soon as breakfast was done she rushed back into the room to find the tooth fairy had visited, just like I said.

“Daddy, you were right, she’s been,” she cried.

What a hero, eh?