Returning home to an impending baby boom

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Regular readers of this column will be aware that I’ve been working in Edinburgh for the past couple of months.

But now my secondment is at an end and I’m looking forward to getting back behind my desk on Monday and catching up on some of the things I’ve missed.

And it seems we’re in the midst of a baby boom ...

Hot on the heels of reporter Jennifer Marjoribanks welcoming a new addition to the family, sports editor David Oliver has become a dad for the second time (meaning much of my last week in the capital was actually spent helping out with the sports pages).

Congratulations to both sets of parents, but we may not have seen the last of the patter of tiny feet.

These things seem to come in waves in the Herald office and three of four years ago we began to resemble a crech such was the number of new arrivals getting shown off.

Despite this, the changes in post-natal care seem to have been lost on one member of staff who has an uncanny ability to switch off when the conversation strays to such matters.

He fully expected David to be back at his desk the day after the birth as his wife enjoyed a five-day hospital stay.

Eh, not these days!

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