Restaurant review: Lebowskis, Edinburgh

Lebowskis burger takes an effort to eat but it's worth it
Lebowskis burger takes an effort to eat but it's worth it

Anyone remotely familiar with the line “The Dude abides” has to pay Lebowskis in Edinburgh a visit.

The saying is from the classic 1998 Coen Brothers movie ‘The Big Lebowski’ which has a stream of hilarious lines from a brilliant cast of oddball characters including an LA slacker called The Dude (Jeff Bridges), a deluded Vietnam War vet, a very dodgy Hispanic ten-pin bowler called Jesus, a phony millionaire and a bunch of inept nihilists.

It’s probably my favourite film of all time. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you haven’t had a Lebowskis burger, get one. Trust me, you’ll thank me for both recommendations.

The pub/restaurant at the top of Morrison Street has a well earned reputation for a quality burger, but the chips – or ‘tats’ as the joint likes to call them – are amazing.

They are hand cut, triple cooked, very chunky to the verge of becoming wedges, but not quite, and as immensely satisfying as rolling your way into the semis of your local bowling league championship – The Dude and Jesus will know what I’m talking about.

We also had Lebowskis burgers which not only look the part, they are the real deal. A big, fat and juicy rump steak burger on a seeded bun with crisp lettuce, beef tomato and onions.

It’s a bit tricky to eat due to its size and shape but the effort is worth it and the taste makes you eat really fast because you don’t want it to end. Like the phony millionaire’s kids’ charity, the Lebowski burger is an ‘Urban Achiever’.

Friends who endorsed Lebowskis told me service was in the spirit of The Dude, a bit slow and laid back, but we didn’t mind at all as it gave us time to indulge in all things Lebowski with some White Russians – The Dude’s drink of choice – and there’s plenty to choose from on the menu.

As a special treat for ‘Big Lebowski’ fans each one also features a line from the film.

There’s one called ‘The Nihilist’ with a main ingredient of absinthe and another which has Buckfast in it, aptly named ‘The Gutter Ball’ I thought.

The place has a rustic, traditional charm and the stone walls are adorned with artworks of the characters which left me feeling slightly disappointed as I wanted to see a shrine with a massive picture of The Dude, surrounded by candles or something, so I could pay homage in a semi-religious way to gratify my obsession.

It wasn’t a deal breaker though and this dude (my good self) abides very much.