Restaurant review: Grangemouth’s Abbotsinch is a challenge - but still brilliant

The Abbotsinch in Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth. Picture: Gary Hutchison (132932a)
The Abbotsinch in Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth. Picture: Gary Hutchison (132932a)

I like a good challenge in life - there’s nothing better than testing yourself to see what you’re made of from time to time.

While these lofty and worthwhile tasks take different forms like seeing how many keepy-uppys I can do with a Malteser or how many Ritz crackers I can eat in a minute - these are all character building trials making me the man I am today.

After a disappointing week I really needed cheering up so decided that adding to the expanding timber round my waist was the best way to do it.

A friend recommended the Abbotsinch and said I wouldn’t be able to eat three courses due to the size of portions you get.

I was swithering at first because Grangemouth isn’t a place I’ll immediately think of for something to eat, living in Falkirk, but a challenge had been presented and I had to take it up upon death or honour. I’ve had a few food challenges in life. I stayed at a guest house in Aberdeen once whilst working there that served a seven-course breakfast and I forced myself to eat it all, even though I didn’t like a couple of the servings.

This pales into comparison with the Abbotsinch though. My friend was right, the portions are huge, however, I had one thing on my side to get me through it – the food was brilliant.

For starters Karen and I had spitfire chicken wings and Mexican prawns and for our mains we chose the slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with spring onion mash and chicken and ribs.

The soft, succulent pork ribs and chicken wings have a similar sauce that is, as they say, finger-licking good. It is thick, sweet and tangy with a spicy kick that you could eat all night. Absolutely amazing.

The mash is thick and creamy and with the extra flavour of the spring onions is just delightful. Both dishes come in a massive bowl accompanied by home-made coleslaw and BBQ beans and I had a big bunch of chips to get through too, as well as the southern fried chicken. I must admit, there were a few bits and pieces left on the plate, but not much. I wanted to leave room for dessert to defiantly complete my challenge. We actually shared the white and milk chocolate cheesecake, made by one of the junior chefs, and it was one of the softest and tastiest I’ve tried.

The service was also impeccable by Kevin, Laura, Stacey and Martin who all showed a genuine warmth to the customers despite being run off their feet.