Resolution to stick to plans for 2016

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

This time of year is always one of relaxation, food and family.

The curtain has almost drawn on 2015 and the past seven days have been the glorious time in between Christmas and New Year where no one really has anything to do.

We can all relax, stuff ourselves full of a variety of food, from cold turkey to delicious chocolate and spend hours cuddled up on the sofa watching all our DVD’s we got as presents with your family.

I have enjoyed myself, probably a bit too much, the struggle into my clothes is getting tougher and tougher.

So with January 1 edging closer I am fully aware this lifestyle will have to change.

My holiday will come to an end and probably not a moment to soon.

Don’t get me wrong I have loved this extra time with my lovely family, especially my wonderful grandchildren but I am resolute that this year my resolutions will last longer than a measly seven days.

Despite my various moaning throughout the year about the perils and struggles of going to the gym, I was making good progress and it is something I will continue to force myself to do.

As long as my favourite personal trainer continues to put me through my paces that is.

With the days becoming lighter it means I can venture out and go walking, unless the snow comes, which it is bound to at some point.

This year it shocked me to see how quickly my grandchildren are growing up. Not so long ago I remember them as little Bairns being pushed around in prams.

I want to spend as much time with them as I can in 2016. Taking them out on day trips, going fun adventures and giving them fantastic memories of their fun young gran.

Some habits will of course follow me into the new year. I do promise to try my best to eat healthily but I am sure chocolate will always be a part of my diet.

And there is no chance of wine not being on the menu on some occasions.

I keep on hearing people saying, ‘New Year new me’ but that is not for me.

I will be the same old Kate, just a bit more driven and a bit more focused on family.

I hope everyone of my readers had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed their time spent relaxing, unless you were working, then my heart goes out to you. All that is left to say is 2015 was a fantastic year and I hope everyone has a happy New Year.

Just remember your resolutions are for the whole of 2016, not just the first few days.