Removal of bus route cannot be justified ...

For the past decade, when my mum and dad are both working, my brother and I have been solely dependent on my Auntie Rita and Gran for making sure we get away to school safely.

Now, of course I can get up, dressed and out the door in time, but we all still like to make sure that my 13-year-old brother is ready and away in good time, so it’s crucial for the smooth running of the Wallace household that a family member is in the house in the morning.

However, this will no longer be the case, as both Gran and Auntie Rita – who do not drive – live in California, and will be unable to make an accessible journey to our home because the bus route is being cancelled.

I can safely say that, in my opinion, this is a decision that is most unfair and unjustifiable.

California is a slightly smaller, more remote area of the Braes compared to the likes of Reddingmuirhead and Brightons, and therefore requires a wide variety of public transport so that people living there who do not have access to cars can travel in and out of the village with ease.

Why, then, are we taking away the No. 40 service, and demanding passengers travel to Shieldhill or Wallacestone to catch a bus into Falkirk?

The route covers crucial areas, for example Meadowbank Health Centre, Polmont Railway Station, and, more importantly, Falkirk town centre.

How can the First Group, or whoever it is that has made this decision, possibly justify taking away this, in some cases essential, bus link?

It is surely classed as a basic human necessity that people must be given access to, in some situations, health care and public transport. We are a developed country, this should not be an issue!

They claim that they “aren’t making a profit”.

I don’t mean to sound biased, but I have never seen that bus empty.

After Myles Coaches cancelled the route, First took it on promising an alternative, reliable service that created access to the Falkirk area for people in the Braes.

Reliable? After this, I think not.