Reminders and ideas for the new session

Notwithstanding the good weather school summer holidays are over and local BB companies are making plans to restart. Indeed the section committees will be meeting in Brightons Church hall on Monday, August 27, at 7.30pm.

Sunday, 19th August 2018, 1:00 pm

Past are the summer camps which even if not necessarily the traditional canvas and lorry transport will hopefully have retained the essential elements of morning and evening prayers, inspections and inter-tent/squad rivalries, along with whatever modern innovations now seem to part of the new norm.

As leaders prepare for the restart, attention should be paid to the PVG/leader re-registration, recently indicated, also joining and information forms. Any doubts? Contact BB HQ.

Local companies each year take part in the BB national competitions (new this session is a pilot scheme in football). Entry forms must be received by September 24 and it requires only a few boys to take part so they are accessible to every company.

Scotland’s mascot for the Year of Young People is ‘Braw the Bear’ and he has already visited a few BB events. Do your younger boys want to meet him at a normal meeting night or special event? Email [email protected]

Again an idea for an early part of the session might be to join the 40 or so companies who have already signed up to the Big BB Brunch on October 27 . Those so doing will receive an event pack to help make the best of the day.

A bit further down the line is the juniors’ Giant Sleepover. Although not until Friday,November 2, demand for places is high and registration for the few places left should be made soon.

New membership cards are now available for 2018/19 (£2 for 10 from BB Supplies). Good to promote a sense of belonging.

Best wishes for the new session!