Relationship is blossoming

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IT is a green fingered relationship which has lasted more than 15 years and the signs are good for the next decade and a half.

The link between the 62nd Larbert Scout Group/Cross Explorer Unit and Polmont Horticultural Society is in full bloom.

As Group Scout Leader Frank Fotheringham said: “Over 15 years ago a member of the society asked us if we could help them prepare for their annual flower and produce show and afterwards to dismantle everything.

“We said that we would love to help out and the rest is part of our history.

“I think that some of the young people originally thought that moving a few bunches of flowers, some carrots and tomatoes was going to be a pushover but they soon found it wasn’t.

“A small group of our Scouts and Cross Explorers have given of their time on the Thursday before the show and then again after the show on the Saturday.

“On Thursday, tables are erected, trestles built up, there is much toing and froing from the lorry the Explorers had loaded up a few minutes before.

“Once the dust settles there is an air of expectancy as the hall is full of spaces for everyone’s flowers and produce.

“The stalwarts of the society spend all of the next day putting the finishing touches to the hall in readiness for the exhibitors.

“When the Scouts arrive on Saturday the hall is festooned with flowers, Bonsai trees, fuchsia baskets and much more.

“Then there are the three foot long leeks and carrots, cabbages that would fill your car boot and onions the size of pumpkins.

“Then there are the cakes, jams, biscuits, knitting and children’s exhibits.

“Then once the trophies are given out, it’s all action again for the Scouts with the reverse process of stripping the tables, dismantling, loading the lorry and depositing everything once more in the loft.

“Thanks go to Scouts Logan Pettigrew, Calum Taljard along with explorers Marc Taljard, James Ablett, Liam McCallum, parent Graham Pettigrew and Explorer Leader Graeme Galloway.”