Records will continue to turn

Ho Ho Ho!
Ho Ho Ho!

The shocking events in Paris two weeks ago have rather rendered newspaper columns as glib and redundant.

Whatever the reasons, the world keeps turning – allowing normal life to stop is exactly what terrorists want.

Instead, music has somehow edged its way into hard news. David Bowie’s sax player has announced that a track on the Thin White Duke’s forthcoming album is “about ISIS”.

And trust Morrissey to get his oar in, claiming that record label Universal scuppered his plans to release ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ as a single.

Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters have released, ‘St Cecelia’, and Dave Grohl’s plan to raise funds for the victims will only enhance his ‘nicest man in rock’ tag (not that I’m suggesting that he’s doing it for anything but the ‘right’ reasons).

So, the musical world continued to turn and the Mercury Music Prize ceremony went ahead.

What sets the Mercurys aside is its seeming self-awareness – the chosen album making a statement.

Perhaps there were no really great albums on the list this year. That’s not to say that 2015 was a bad year but more obscure choices will inevitably render the Mercurys less relevant to the public, which probably has more important things to think about.