Rearranging the furniture wasn’t part of the plan

Morven Quin
Morven Quin

I’m one of those people who can usually see Christmas far enough.

I have a reputation for starting my shopping on Christmas Eve and more often than not the only Christmas spirit I find is whatever tipple takes my fancy at the Christmas night out.

I dread joining in with carol singing or even worse, 80’s Christmas classics, at the school concert and can’t stand the materialism and corporate greed surrounding the day.

However, I found myself feeling a little strange at the weekend, I can only describe it as somewhat festive, and went out in search of a few decorations to brighten the place up.

I had nothing but good intentions as my sister and I set off on a mission to find a beautiful tree for our living room and we decided, the bigger the better. But as I sat in the driver’s seat after making the purchase at our local garden centre, and my view of the passenger side was obstructed by unruly branches of a ginormous tree poking through from the back, I couldn’t help but think I made a slight error.

As I got it assembled in the stand and stood back to admire my choice of tree, my fears were realised, it was far too big for the room.

I spent a small fortune on lights, baubles and a delicate, glittery star for the top – which turned out to be far too small and sits at an angle.

After decorating it just as I imagined, bar the skew-whiff tree topper, I had to rearrange most of the furniture in the room just to make ample space for it and placed at it the foot of the stairs right next to the window so all the neighbours can see the colossal tree.

It looks fantastic, and I’m sure it won’t annoy me even slightly having to jump over the branches every time I go up or down the stairs.

Bah humbug.