Reacher a bit of a stretch for Cruise

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As a fan of novelist Lee Child’s tough-as-nails nomadic ex-miltary cop Jack Reacher I was looking forward to seeing his adventures on the big screen.​

After finding out the film, released in December, will feature wee Tom Cruise as the six-foot-five man mountain Reacher I have to admit to feeling slightly “short” changed.

Aye Tom’s an action man alright - you just have to dig the last Mission Impossible flick to see he’s still got the moves, but in every single Reacher book I’ve read, size has always played a major part in the narrative.

Reacher’s a big lad - there’s no getting round it. The things he does as he wanders around America righting wrongs with just his toothbrush to keep him company could only be accomplished by a physically imposing person.

Sorry Cruiser, but anyone who has seen Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’ or ‘Taken 2: Oh God They’ve Taken Her Again’ will have witnessed the perfect silver screen incarnation of Reacher.

Speaking of hardcases, reporters have to be thick-skinned at times.

A verbal barb at a recent meeting I was covering almost pierced my hairy hide and brought to mind life and times in England at the start of my reporting career.

I was at a council meeting with my notepad and newly acquired shorthand skills trying to keep up with the lively debate. One councillor, God bless him, would periodically turn around and stare right at me, angrily miming the act of writing into his palm - I think he was saying I should be taking down his comments.

If I could go back in time I would tell him his quotes would have been used if he could have come up with at least one interesting sentence within his 10,000 word speech.