Raising the bar at every level for boys and officers

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BB is promoting a programme called ‘‘Raise the Bar’’.

It is based on 10 challenges for each company, battalion and district focussed on improving experiences for young people. It will reflect existing aims as well as indicating new ways to reach such goals. For example, how we create an atmosphere where members can explore Christian faith. Everything need not change; perhaps just consider how we share with young people what brought leaders to faith. Much easier are creating opportunities to experience new challenges; something achieved in existing company and battalion programmes. To assist this initiative the Scottish HQ is running four training road-shows. These are opportunities to support leaders at all levels with updates relating to the programme, funding, structure and much more. The roadshows will be in Edinburgh (February 16): Perth (February 23): Banff (March 2) and Paisley (March 9). Registration details can be obtained from Carronvale HQ.

In mentioning Carronvale, did you know the house is also a venue for businesses, public sector groups, churches and other charities? It offers a great mix of conferencing, training, accommodation and recreational facilities. It is offering BB leaders a special rate of £15/day-delegate between now and June 28 for their own organisations including room hire, use of equipment, teas and lunches. We are fortunate to have this facility on our doorstep and may forget it has much more potential than just bookings for games halls and pitches.

Did my mention, last week, of the captain of 1st Polmont in 1886 and his travel problems give any rise for thought? I don’t know, but the minister, James Anderson, reported in 1887 that the company had stopped due to the captain’s difficulties, as he lived in another town. It reformed a few years later and continues playing a full part in BB activities.