Rain didn’t quite stop play!

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WHO said children send all their time gaming?

Well when the rain put paid to a visit to Callendar Park, a bunch of Beavers from the 27th Bonnybridge group enjoyed an evening playing a variety of non-electronic games.

Indoor games were the order of the day when rain stopped play.

Indoor games were the order of the day when rain stopped play.

And while one half of the group pored over Connect Four, Jenga and Frustration the others flexed their muscles for a game of indoor archery.

THE Scout uniform is being put under the microscope in a UK-wide review.

As part of the Skills for Life plan, the organisation said it would review the Scout uniform.

The aim is to help the powers that be to understand what Scout members currently wear and explore other options of what could be worn.

Members of the public and all association members now have the chance to have their say, and the views on variations to suit the needs of Sea Scouts, Air Scouts, faiths and nations are being encouraged.

The idea is that once you have completed the 15 minute survey, you then encourage someone else to complete it.

The aim is to tap into the thoughts and feelings of volunteers, young people and their parents or carers.

The online questionnaire, run by PopulusLive, will close on July 7, 2019.

The survey can be found at: scouts.org.uk/whatwewear.

If changes are proposed, they’ll include a period of transition.

THIS year’s Scoutfest will take place, once again, at Fordell Firs.

The event will take place between 5pm on September 13, and noon on September 15.

The aim is to volunteers and leaders to get together and experience some of the activities usually reserved for the younger members.

It will also be an opportunity to find fresh programme ideas as well as picking the brains of a variety of outside organisations.

There will also be opportunities for training and upskilling. If you have questions there will be a whole raft of experts on hand.

For more details go to www.scouts.scot/news-events/events/scoutfest2019/.