Proof we’re not an
outdoor family ...

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well, it was certainly all about the girls this week.

From the arrival of a new princess, to the death of a talented crime writer, the fairer sex stole the headlines across the world.

But there was one man who did feature in most people’s thoughts as the wait for the royal baby stretched on.

Deemed as a royal super fan, pensioner Terry Hunt camped outside the now famous Lindo Wing for nine long days.

At 79, you’ve got to say, whatever your views about royalists, hats off to him.

My mother is of a similar age, and I don’t think that I could ask her to camp out even for one hour past 8 p.m.

To be honest she’s not keen on being outside at all these days, and believes that I should be able to park my car anywhere so she wouldn’t have to walk the length of herself.

Come to think of it, your chances of getting me to be in a place where there’s the potential of being cold, wet and scared for longer than 10 minutes are almost zero.

And I’d go further, my daughter, full of life and energy, could probably think of nothing worse than being at one with nature.

So Terry’s camp out on a wooden bench for a week-and-a-half is impressive.

I have to confess that I did watch the royal baby coverage on Saturday afternoon on BBC news.

It was hard to resist watching dozens of reporters scrimp and scrap for something to report when there was absolutely nothing new to say.

But one thing they did do was interview the loyal subjects outside.

Enter old Terry, who’d even bought presents for the princess and her big brother, giving the many reasons behind his strong feelings for the royals.

I suppose if the passion is there, there’s nothing you won’t do.

I also doubt that Terry really cares about getting on TV, he just wants to be part of something bigger and, I suppose, greater.

But not everyone shares my views.

“Did you see that big eejit who camped out waiting for that baby,” mum said on the phone that night.

“Aye, not bad for someone that age?” I said.

“Not clever either,” she said. “You wouldn’t catch an old woman doing that.”

Think what she really meant was “me doing that”, but I kept that to myself.