Prom preparations are so stressful

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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Who would’ve thought a prom would’ve been so much hassle to organise?

You would think that finding a dress, buying a dress, deciding on how we’re getting there, getting hair, make-up and nail trials organised, as well as organising how much we’ve actually paid towards it would be relatively simple.

But it’s stressing me out, big time.

It doesn’t help that my prelims start next week, which just adds to my mega stress, causing several migraines and many more “please can we all just stop shouting?”.

I’ve changed my mind about the dress that I want four times. Four times!

For those who know me well, I’m the type of person who makes a decision and sticks with it, not someone who’s constantly jumping back and forth, totally undecided about what on earth I should do.

And it’s not just the style of dress that I can’t make my mind up about, it’s the colour too. I’ve jumped from white, to coral, to pink and now blue. It’s so difficult because you don’t want the same colour as anyone else, but, of course, that’s going to happen, there’s only so many in the rainbow.

And Holy Moley, if you get the same dress as someone else ... It’s like commuting social suicide.

Another big problem my friends have right now is how we’re going to get there.

Half of us want to go on a party bus, whereas the other half want to go in a limo.

Now you would think the logical thing to do would be to go in a limo one year and a party bus the next, but, no, that’s too much like common sense. As a result, the group’s being split; some of us are going in a limo, the others in a bus. In all fairness, our prom is only 20 minutes down the road and, as long as we leave at the same time and arrive at the same time, then that’s all that matters. Proms are about going with your friends, not about how we get there.

This may seem a bit pathetic to adults reading this, but all you want to do is make your prom perfect.

It shouldn’t be stressful.