Prepare to Bear down for some top NFL action

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As summer turns to autumn my attention wanders to large angry men wearing helmets and shoulder pads.

Yes the start of the new American Football season is upon us and I can’t wait to see if my team the Chicago Bears can drag their big furry bum out of the mire of mediocrity.

Last year I was bricking it because Channel Five or Channel Four – one of those council telly channels – was not going to be showing live games any more.

I had a sit down consultation with the wife and we agreed we could purchase Sky Sports for the length of the 2015/16 season.

This is again the case for 2016/17 and I look forward to the big kick off tonight (Thursday), secure in the knowledge I will have access to a ton of games for the next five months.

Even if the Bears, who for some reason are no longer the sexy ratings grabbing team they were in the 1980s, do not feature in many of those match-ups it’s going to be great to see some hard-hitting, long bomb passing, one handed catching, crazy zig-zag running action.

Da Bears may have shot themselves in the foot this year by getting rid of their excellent placekicker – and dead ringer for Impractical Jokers’ Murr – Robbie Gould after 11 years of booting field goals for the club.

Big changes are also afoot around the NFL with my favourite US destination Las Vegas courting the Oakland Raiders to come and make the city their home.

The San Diego Chargers are looking at a move down the coast to Los Angeles, but nothing is finalised yet.

La La Land has secured one team, however, and we now have the return of the Los Angeles Rams after the team got the last bus out of St Louis.