Praise carries more weight than gifts

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

I was heartened last week to receive a letter from a loyal reader who said she enjoyed a good chuckle when reading my column.

She neglected to mention if one of my jokes was the reason for her mirth or something I wrote was unintentionally humorous, but I chose to believe it was the former and basked in the glory.

That was, however, until another columnist mentioned that, during a recent night out, someone recognised her and bought her a drink.

Most reporters enjoy the occasional ‘freebie’ from a satisified customer from time to time - although no-one at The Falkirk Herald has ever been given the use of a police horse as far as I know – and our photographers regularly return from assignments with some cakes or sweets to distribute to hungry members of staff.

I’ve never been particularly lucky in that department with a fruit cake from a retired dinner lady the best part of 20 years ago being my most memorable gift.

Having said that, it is far more gratifying to get some words of encouragement for your efforts at the end of a week. It’s far easier to complain than praise so, dear reader, thank you for bringing a smile to my lips.