Poolside is okay but there really is no place like home

As we return to the UK on Friday, naturally at the beginning of the week I started feeling a bit apprehensive about coming back home to sunny Scotland.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 2:00 pm

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’ve thought my sole purpose of being put on this planet is to lie on a sun lounger sipping cocktails and reading Bridget Jones. For a long, long time I’ve been of the mindset that, really, there’s not a lot for me that’s interesting in Scotland and particularly Falkirk. However, being away from it all has made me miss my home town a lot more than what I thought I would.

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I was lying on my lounger the other day when I scrolled past a video from Visit Scotland which focussed on Falkirk. I was always of the mindset that as I’ve lived in the same place all my life, I’d pretty much experienced everything and done most things there were to do. However, after watching this video I shocked myself at how narrow-minded I’ve been for the past while with regard to what there actually is to do in Falkirk and the surrounding area. The amount of history that our little town has totally amazed me and the amount of things to do is brilliant. There was me sat thinking the Kelpies and the Wheel were the crux of the entertainment but I know now that there’s so much more to Falkirk than just those things.

Of course I’ll be gutted to be returning to civilisation on Friday but what is exciting is the knowledge that I’m coming home to a list full of things to do, right on my doorstep. Whether it be heading out to Blackness Castle or driving to The Pineapple, I’m excited to see what I’ll discover about my home town. The fact that I’ve not gone out and properly explored Falkirk is a bit embarrassing, but there’s no better time to start than now. There’s no denying that I feel most at home lying poolside in a hot country but, as Dorothy so famously said, there really is no place like home.