Polmont’s A team in Scottish quiz final

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The A team from 2nd Polmont BB is looking forward to getting their thinking caps on for the Scottish finals of the BB Masterteam competition. They were among four local teams who took part in the second round of the annual quiz.

The team from 2nd Polmont (Old Church) achieved the highest total overall and progresses to the Scottish final. The other teams,1st Polmont (Brightons Church), 1st Haggs (Haggs Church) and 2nd Polmont ‘B’, narrowly missed out. The other teams making the finals come from Kilsyth, Kilmarnock, Stirling, Newport and Cambusnethan.

1st Larbert (West Church), at its fundraising dance on November 29, in the Plough Hotel, perhaps failed to revive the halcyon dinner-dance days there, but succeeded in providing an evening of ‘social-dance’ and fellowship for the eighty or so present as well as realising more than £1000 for the company funds.

The first half of the session finished in spectacular high speed fashion for boys of 3rd Falkirk (Peoples Church) who attended the local Xtreme Karting venue on Friday, with ‘podium presentations’ for the fastest three.

I wonder if the boys from 2nd Polmont, 3rd Falkirk, 2nd Bo’ness (St Andrew’s Church) and 1st Denny & Dunipace (Westpark Church) who are progressing towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards have had second thoughts about expedition planning in this week of extreme weather? Perhaps not, but the thought struck me as my ample frame was blown backwards by rain driven by 80 mph gales in the north of England! Anyway, good luck in all the various aspects of the challenges facing you in these worthwhile endeavours.

With Christmas fast approaching, Anchor Boy Sections, at parties over the area, will no doubt be welcoming another visitor, also red-uniformed, in their midst, happily offering gifts; symbolising, even if perhaps unnoticed by the boys, the spirit of Christian Giving in the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus.