Police call: Trick and treat can be fun with some care


As Hallowe’en is fast approaching and we prepare our families for the fun of trick or treating, parties and dressing up, here are some safety tips which can help towards a safe, trouble free and memorable evening.

We all remember the fun of dressing up and going out trick or treating but it’s important that we take into consideration the following: It’s a good idea to map out in advance a safe route with your children so that you know at all times where they will be.

Try and get children to go trick or treating while it is still light outside. If . however, it’s darkm,make sure that your children stay in an area that is well lit by street lights.

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If you live in a more rural area consider driving your children in a car so that they are not out walking in the dark.

Please do not send children out by themselves. Older children should take a friend and young children should be accompanied by an adult. Remember to tell your kids not to enter a stranger’s house or get into a car. Ensure all costumes are labelled as flame resistant or if you are making your own costume use flame resistant fabric such as polyester or nylon. Try and make them as visible as possible to motorists.

Now for the adults: Many of you will be attending Hallowe’en and fancy dress parties where there will be fancy looking cocktails and drink promotions. Please ensure you know the contents of these cock-tails and know your own limitations.

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Don’t drink too much or too quickly. It’s always a good idea to have water or a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks. Make suitable arrangements for transport to and from events and also consider your alcohol levels the next day before driving.

Using these tips should ensure you have a safe and enjoyable Hallowe’en. Happy trick or treating!