POLICE CALL: Terrorism - alert but not alarmed

Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson
Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those affected by the terrorist atrocity committed in Paris on November 13 and you have doubtless followed the continued activity of police in the aftermath.

Terrorism is a real and significant threat, however be reassured that Police Scotland, through our Counter Terrorism Security Advisors and in liaison with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, have been busy working in order to keep people safe.

The threat from internat-ional terrorism in the UK remains at SEVERE. This means that an attack is highly likely.

This has been the threat level since August 2014. At this time there is no specific threat to Scotland, however I would ask readers to be alert and not alarmed.

Police have exercised plans to respond to multi seated firearms attacks and may increase their presence in some areas. Please do not become fearful though.

Businesses and priority crowded places have been working with police and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and the Counter Terrorism Security Network to protect sites from terrorist attacks. This includes music, sport and entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels and shops. Police Scotland will work with all of our partners in order to keep people safe.