Police call: Stay safe as you enjoy community events

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Summer has finally arrived and with it comes the season of gala days, fairs and summer festivals.

These celebrations represent a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy ourselves and hopefully the good weather, if it continues!

Many of us, young and old, will be attending events in our home area and also, for some, events across the country.

Officers work hard at these events and we want everyone to have a fantastic time and remember the event for all the right reasons. Our focus as a police service is on keeping people safe when travelling to these events and supporting them having the best time when they get there.

On occasion, these events provide an opportunity for the more unscrupulous to exploit the relaxed environment and opportunist thieves have previously struck at large scale events. Primarily it’s a purse, wallet or mobile phone that’s taken, easily secreted and can remain unnoticed for an extended period of time. However some practical steps can help reduce the potential for thieves to strike and ensure your day is not ruined.

Protect your valuables, record details of your mobile phone, camera and tablet on the National Mobile Property Register (immobilise.com) before you head off. Only take what you need and don’t leave valuables lying about or unattended. Don’t leave valuables on display in your car, remove the Sat Nav and move valuable items into the boot or glovebox. Secure your purse or wallet in a zipped bag or a secure jacket pocket. If you’re not using your mobile phone don’t leave it on the table, put it back in your pocket, securely if possible.

Beware of pickpockets and don’t show large amounts of cash or valuables if you can help it. Finally, stay alert at cash machines. Incidents are rare but by following this advice you will make it harder for thieves to strike.