Police call: Specialist support aids officers to crack cases

Damian Armstrong, Area Commander for Falkirk Area Command
Damian Armstrong, Area Commander for Falkirk Area Command

Like many others across the Falkirk area, the topic of conversation within the office has turned to a recent television programme and a classic whodunit which came to its finale last Sunday.

Many officers and staff were confused by the twists and turns and surprised at the outcome and ending. It is like real life. No matter how much enquiry is undertaken by officers, no matter how many specialist departments support investigations, sometimes the outcomes surprise even the most seasoned officer and provide great learning for new staff.

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These types of dramas and the plentiful supply of police-based television, show some of the pressures officers and staff in Falkirk and across Scotland deal with daily. The difference is that, barring commercial breaks, television shows wrap up the investigation, arrest and convict within a one or two hour period. There are many officers who wish it was so straightforward. Officers and staff are committed to investigating reported crimes and offences, not only to catch the offender but, in working with our many partners, are committed to supporting victims and reassuring the public.

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Sometimes enquiries can be protracted and some are never solved but all enquiries receive a review by a supervisor who may be able to assist in new lines of enquiry or support and guide officers and staff in completing them successfully. All officers and staff are aware of the significant impact crimes and offences have on victims and the wider community. It is with this in mind that they work hard at resolving issues and discuss positive solutions with partners who are sometimes better placed to support the victim and community. Commercial breaks aside, what makes policing effective in Falkirk is the commitment of staff, the enthusiasm of partners and the support of communities.