POLICE CALL: Scheme aims to tackle abuse

Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson
Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson

Across the country, a police officer attends a report of domestic abuse every nine minutes, 365 days per year.

The Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland launched on October 1. Its aim is to provide a way of sharing information about a partner’s abusive past, with a potential victim. It gives people at risk of domestic abuse the information needed to make an informed decision on whether to continue the relationship.

The scheme has two main triggers for disclosure – the Right to Ask and the Power to Tell.

The ‘Right to Ask’ is open to anyone who has concerns about a new partner’s abusive past or has concerns about another person’s new partner. An example would be a parent concerned about their child’s new partner.

The ‘Power to Tell’ is when we (that is Police Scotland) receive information or intelligence about the safety of a person who may be at risk. An example would be when we are dealing with an incident and know that one of the involved parties has an abusive past.

Referrals into the scheme can be made online through the force website; via 101; at a police office; by approaching you in the street and making an application; as part of an inquiry that you are dealing with.

The online application form is on the internet page under the ‘Keep Safe’ section. If you have any further questions in relation to the scheme, then get in touch on 101.