Police Call: Scene It, Herd It? Please report it

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

The Falkirk area command covers 112 square miles, extending from Banknock in the west to Blackness in the east and from South Alloa in the north to Limerigg in the south.

Much of this area is rural and presents a challenge for policing. How do we keep the same level of service for all residents when there’s such a vast area to cover?

Crime is not limited to our towns and the National Farmers Union estimates that rural crime costs Scotland around £1.8 million annually.

That’s why Crimestoppers launched the ‘Scene it, Herd it’ campaign last Thursday which aims to highlight the crimes rural communities face and encourages the public to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the countryside.

The main crimes rural communities face are theft, break-ins and vandalism, as well as livestock worrying by dogs and illegal dumping.

Angela Parker, national manager for Crimestoppers in Scotland, said: “People have an image that living in the countryside is idyllic. But householders and businesses can be a target as many properties are isolated.”

Falkirk Police and the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime are supporting this campaign and would encourage the public to come forward with information.