Police Call: Rate your area to aid the SOLD plan

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Officers are actively involved in the Community Planning Partnership in Falkirk.

It is linked to the priorities of the Local Policing Plan which sets out how we work together to make communities safer and deliver better outcomes.

That, in turn, is linked to the Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery Plan (SOLD) of the Falkirk Community Planning Partnership.

As part of SOLD, three areas have been identified and Falkirk Council is undertaking a three week consultation to find out what residents in Grangemouth and Upper Braes, Bo’ness and Blackness think and feel about the place they live.

These areas form part of the East Locality Planning Group and the survey asks residents to rate 14 services including public transport, play and recreation, safety, housing and community.

The consultation runs until February 2 and can be accessed through the Falkirk Council Locality Planning web page. There are also workshop events for communities; times and dates are on the website.

This information will be used to identify areas for improvement including how the partners deliver services to better meet local needs.