POLICE CALL: Phone scam seeks shopping vouchers

As Christmas fast approaches it's been clear that Falkirk has enjoyed its fair share of revellers and last minute shoppers.

Officers are deploying on additional patrols throughout the festive period to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

As part of this year’s festive safety message, officers have been advising the public on shopping, partying, home and driving safety.

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Further information to stay safe this festive period is available on Police Scotland’s website.

We have also received reports this week of phone calls received by the public from persons purporting to be from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs stating they owe money and it needs to be paid immediately or they will be arrested.

Unusually, this debt is being asked to be paid via shopping vouchers which should immediately raise your suspicions.

This is NOT how HMRC collect outstanding debts; it’s a scam so please don’t be taken in by it and report it to your service provider.

On behalf of the officers and staff of Falkirk Area Command, best wishes for the festive season and hopefully a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas Day.

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