POLICE CALL: Parking please falling on deaf ears

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Having been in post as area commander for three months I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many locals and been impressed by their positive attitude.

However, I’m struck by how often the issue of parking at schools comes up.

On Tuesday, along with the community inspector and sergeant for Grangemouth, I met with teaching staff, a Falkirk Council roads representative and local councillors with significant concerns regarding the parking at drop off and pick up times at primary schools.

Over the coming weeks we will be working with these partners to address this issue.

A common concern was the danger to the children from inconsiderate parking and inconsiderate drivers.

While it’s acknowledged many parents and carers are in a rush, many are ignoring pleas to park responsibly and drive carefully.

Parking on pavements may cause parents/carers with young children to have to walk into the roadway – putting themselves in danger.

Stopping on “zig-zag” markings outside schools causes congestion and increases danger for children as they cross the road.

Officers will be visiting schools in the coming days to address this problem.