POLICE CALL: Inconsiderate parking at schools

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

As a new school term begins after a long, and not so hot summer, I’ve been contacted again regarding inconsiderate parking at schools.

Along with our partners at the local authority, local elected members, parent-teacher councils and the schools themselves, Falkirk Ward Officers are working hard to address the problem and no matter how hard or difficult it is to accept, the majority of offenders are parents who are dropping off their children and picking them up again. Officers sympathise with parents and carers who, like many people, live hectic lives, but all too often cars are parked in difficult positions.

Parking on pavements restricts pedestrians’ movement and may cause parents/carers with young children to have to walk into the roadway and put themselves in danger. In addition the problem of drivers stopping on the “zig-zag” markings directly outside school persists, causing congestion and increasing the danger to children.

Officers will be working with the schools and the pupil junior road safety officers to address this problem through education and, where appropriate, officers’ enforcement of parking legislation. This issue would appear to be common to many areas within the Falkirk area however presents a real risk to the safety of children and families en route to school.