Police Call: Disclosure scheme empowers people

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Police Scotland is empowering potential victims of domestic abuse and/or their concerned friends and family with the right to ask about their new partner.

The Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland aims to prevent domestic abuse by empowering both men and women with the right to ask about the background of their new partner.

It also allows concerned members of the public, such as relatives and friends, to make enquiries about someone’s partner if they are concerned that person has been abusive in the past.

If a disclosure is deemed necessary, lawful and proportionate, the person potentially at risk will receive the information.

The scheme also creates a formal mechanism for Police Scotland to tell both men and women, who are potentially at risk of abuse, about their partner’s past.

The police will make contact with you to discuss your concerns and ask for more information, as well as confirming your identity during a face to face meeting.

If police checks show that the individual has a record of abusive behavior, officers will consider sharing this information. Application forms can be found on the Police Scotland website.