Please help! I’ve had enough of feeling guilty

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I am going to admit something about myself to you all today. It’s nothing particularly groundbreaking – I’m sure this problem that I have is experienced by many people all over the world and I am sure that other sufferers experience the same side effects as I do.

The technical name for it is “venephobia”. I have an irrational fear of veins. Even writing the word gives me chills. I can’t even begin to describe how faint I get if I feel a vein move or pop out in my body. It is safe to say they absolutely terrify me, and have done for my whole life.

However, this article is about one of the awful side effects – guilt. At least twice a year, I feel extremely guilty about the fact I have this phobia.

I cannot give blood. I know you are probably thinking why does she not man up and just get over it, but the truth is the thought of a needle going into a vein on the inside of my arm reduces me to tears. I went to the doctors the other day and burst out crying when she told me she needed to take some blood to make sure I was healthy. I can’t help myself, and I can’t help others, and that makes me feel incredibly guilty.

My parents give blood religiously. They ask me “what’s going to happen if you ever need blood?”, “what if one of your children ever needs blood?”, “how are you going to find out what blood type you are?” and I sit there staring at them with tear-filled eyes feeling absolutely horrible about the fact I can’t do something that could save some bodies life.

The bottom line is that I’ve had enough of feeling guilty and I am done living with this stupid fear. I am closing this column with a cry for help: if anyone reading this knows of any way to help me get over this nonsense, please, please do not hesitate to get in contact. No one should have to suffer because of one persons ridiculous phobia.