Plea for fairer pricing system

My days of travelling by rail are largely trips to either end of the inter-city line which Falkirk sits on to spend some leisure time in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

However, occasionally I get to journey further afield to such heady destinations as Leeds, Sheffield and Peterborough on company business. The fact this tend to be there and back on the same day would test even the most seasoned traveller but, at the risk of jinxing my impending trip next week, things usually go smoothly.

Oh occasionally a train might be a few moments late or packed with commuters. However, as my seat is booked in advance by our very organised office manager that isn’t a problem ... unless the train is cancelled and then my booking isn’t valid meaning it’s every woman – and man – for themselves.

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But I do appreciate that people who are regular commuters from all the stations in the Falkirk area may have a different tale to tell.

Only this week the rail operator was singing its own praises highlighting its best performance for over two years.

But what about the prices they charge?

An off peak journey to Edinburgh costs almost £10, while the same to Glasgow even more.

I shudder to think what people who travel daily at rush hour must pay.

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A recent trip to New York saw us buy a subway ticket which allowed us unlimited travel for seven days for less than £25.

Friends tell of similar charges throughout Europe.

Now there may be a lot of things wrong with America but they obviously can 
run an efficient and reasonably priced rail service!