Planes and airlines have left me totally up in the air

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Regular readers will know that transport issues often rear their head to cause me problems – planes, trains and automobiles​​ have, on occasion, been the bane of my life.

Whether it is late-running or even non-appearing trains or congestion on the roads, they always seem to affect my plans at the most inopportune moments.

Well, this week it is planes and airlines which were making my blood boil.

Can I make it quite clear that I love flying and airports in particular are up there on my list of favourite places, probably because they are more often than not the starting point for holidays.

However, if you are doing a short internal UK trip then I would probably prefer to get the train as you have to be at the airport so long in advance for a flight ... and there is more legroom on trains!

However, when I’m seeking the sun, just point me in the direction of the nearest airport.

The last couple of years, when my friends and I have decided to grab the chance of a week away, we’ve used budget airlines. Now they are ok. They get you from A to B, but they definitely are what it says on the tin, “no frills airlines”.

I couldn’t believe it a when I heard there was talk of one airline considering charging passengers for using the toilet on their planes. Can you imagine what the rush would be like to get in to the terminal when the plane landed? Thankfully, bosses have seen sense and that proposal – which must have come from a man – has been dropped.

Buying the flight might be cheap but there are always so many add ons. On this occasion we decided not to pay for the privilege of getting on first with the pick of the seats and instead were just there on time to get seats together.

However, it was the luggage situation that caused me grief. There is absolutely no way that I could squeeze everything I need for a week-long trip into cabin luggage, so my friends and I paid the obligatory £40 to put our cases in the hold.

When we were queueing up to get on the plane at Edinburgh, ground staff came round to check hand luggage. Don’t think I was the only one who thought it defeated the purpose of having a cardboard ‘case’ to slip over hand luggage to check it was the correct dimensions when it was being rammed over the bag to make it fit.

Once on board we put our hand luggage in the overhead locker, only to be told to remove it by a very abrupt ‘trolley dolly’ who said we would have to put it at our feet to allow all these small cases to be stowed instead.

So I pay £40 to put my luggage in the hold and the man sitting opposite me gets to put his baggage overhead – and stretch his legs out! Something wrong somewhere if you ask me.

However, four hours later we were lying in the sun and the dilemma of luggage was forgotten ... until the return journey seven days later.