Perfectly Frank with Mandie Stevenson

Mandie Stevenson and Twiggy
Mandie Stevenson and Twiggy

I have had a fantastic experience being one of the seven ambassadors for Marks & Spencer/Breast Cancer Now.

It has been a very quick but enjoyable 11 months and I have learned so much along the way.

Mandie Stevenson

Mandie Stevenson

The journey for me began when I noticed the previous year’s campaign and one lady in particular caught my attention, Helen.

Seeing her looking confident and brave sporting her bald head gave me the confidence to feel like I also could feel good despite the massive changes in my appearance and from living with cancer.

She looked beautiful and was smiling through the challenges she was facing.

My mum and friend Kelly encouraged me to contact the campaign to provide feedback as it had inspired me. I’m glad I did and was delighted to be asked to be part of the next campaign.

I feel proud and a huge sense of achievement being able to raise awareness of breast cancer nationally and also to show people it is possible to live a fun and happy life, even when it feels like the odds are against you.

I hope this has helped others in their own lives.

The campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, saving many lives and helping with medical advances for the future.

I met so many lovely people going through the same experience as me and it definitely helped to focus on something positive and accept the changes I faced.

One example of this, is when I was given a mastectomy last July – exactly a week later I was sitting relaxing in a spa in my bikini with not a care in the world.

My attitude is, who cares if I look a little different, change isn’t always bad and it can be good to stand out from the crowd!

This campaign helped me gain my confidence again. I’ve done numerous videos, articles, photo shoots and appeared on Sky News, all to raise awareness of breast cancer.

I was even lucky enough to meet Twiggy Lawson – it was embarrassing for me as I didn’t know at first who this extremely famous iconic woman was!

I have loved the campaign and wish the next seven ambassadors the best of luck.

I’m chuffed to have been taken to St Andrews for the weekend with my good friends Debbie, Barry and Jack Mckenzie. This is one of the final wishes on my original bucket list.

It is a beautiful and relaxed place, made even better with great company. We wined and dined in nice places, my favourite being the Little Italy restaurant.

We also spent an afternoon in Debbie’s fave place, The Adamson, drinking our favourite Aperol Spritzers and many more lovely activities that didn’t involve alcohol.

This is what life is all about for me and I really appreciate being able to do these things together.

I felt sad to be coming home but all good things do have to come to and end.

Little Jack who is only five, cheered me up when I noticed he had packed a picnic for him and I for the car journey home.

We had a bottle of 7Up and a Kit Kat and he wanted to make us toast too.

He is an incredible little guy and it makes me smile every time I think about our picnic. It’s amazing how someone so young and innocent can also be so sweet and charming.

Here’s to health, happiness and memories and the second half of 2017 being just as enjoyable!