Perfectly Frank: A time for reflection

It was lovely to celebrate my friend Danielle’s 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago in the Wine Library in Falkirk.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 3:40 pm

I was chatting to lifelong friends reflecting on all the years that have passed us by and laughing at how we all still feel around 17.

Flying off on a girls’ first holiday to Magaluf, staying out partying until 4am, managing to do this for two weeks and actually enjoying it.

Wow how things have changed; now happy to be in bed for 10pm, can barely manage two nights out consecutively, and we are all either married, getting married, are home owners and have babies.

Welcome to the 30 club! I guess it is the reality of growing up but I love it.

After talking to a couple of different people about holiday destinations and where to go next, the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife continuously hit the top of the list and was highly recommended.

It did not disappoint, as a resort it nails every desire. With adult only pools, kids’ pools, roof top bar, fabulous restaurants, live entertainment each night, relaxation and quiet areas there is something for everyone.

If you wanted to take it easy and relax for a week watching the world go by then you can recharge the batteries and enjoy a week not even leaving the fantastic resort.

My favourite type of holiday is an active one where I can sight see and keep on the move distracting my mind from the 101 worries of living with secondary cancer.

However, this recent trip to the Hard Rock Hotel was different. I felt content lying by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. I enjoyed reading a couple of books and embracing the simplicity of just relaxing.

Ross and I did venture into Las Americas on a couple of days to enjoy a meal in the Safari Centre and walks along the beach front.

It has been so long since I visited Tenerife, I had forgotten how beautiful it is.

I was tempted into quad biking when I noticed a tourist attraction but had sheer panic upon hopping on the quad and being taken into the busy town centre where cars were whizzing by us from both directions.

I did get used to driving on the wrong side of the road. The main reason for doing the quad tour was it included a visit to the ‘fat pine’ which is the biggest tree in Tenerife and apparently a very lucky one and is still growing.

I am quite a superstitious person so I decided to stick my arm inside the very deep hollow of the tree to make a wish. Thankfully no creepy crawlies were inside.

With my current health situation and my next CT scan approaching next week I will not need to give you two attempts at guessing what I wished for!

I am feeling excited to attend a very close friend’s wedding on Sunday. Emma and I are childhood friends, growing up together, and our mums being high school friends.

I wish Emma and Dominick all the happiness in the world which they both deserve for their future together. Have a fantastic day and I am sure it will be a wedding to remember.

It is my last wedding as a guest before I tie the knot. Less than 100 days and counting.