Perfectly Frank: A time to celebrate special milestone

Every month I reflect on life and say wow that was a great few weeks. I feel July and August really have exceeded all expectations and will be very difficult to beat.

By Mandie Stevenson
Friday, 30th August 2019, 11:29 am

There’s been several outings and celebrations ongoing and I have never felt so content and happy in my life.

It’s been all go, I am not long back from a hen party to Budapest which was fantastic at the time but I will hold my hands up and say I certainly feel my age. It’s taken me a good couple of weeks to feel refreshed and back to normal. All worth it at the time and I really enjoyed the very cool bars and Budapest is very quirky and a great place to visit.

I think I must be the only person on the planet that is delighted to have turned the grand age of 30. I did have a point to prove since my consultant at my first diagnosis as he said I would be doing very well to reach my 30th. Well it has now been and gone and I am feeling as good and as strong as ever.

My best friend Debs planned my birthday for me and it was just perfect. Wine tasting at my favourite place in Falkirk, The Wine Library. I have attended these events several times before and knew it would be a night to remember.

I hired out the upstairs gin lounge and Debs had it decorated with special birthday balloons, bunting and a very impressive birthday cake.

The wine tasting as always was nice and relaxed and very well organised. The most special part of the evening was spending it with all of my very closest family and friends. The night was over in a flash but one I will always smile at when reminiscing. My house looks like a card shop with all the lovely cards I received and I am one very lucky lady to have received such personal and special birthday gifts. Thank you all.

The most treasured birthday gift of all time and biggest shock of my life was having my little sister back in Scotland. I have missed her so much since she’s been travelling Australia for nearly two years. Nicola lights up a room when she walks in and it’s been very special for the family having her back especially when no one expected it.

I am absolutely overwhelmed at the kindness of my friends and family for all the support and well wishes for Ross and my engagement. It’s been such a wonderful time and very exciting. We have planned our wedding already and I can’t wait to marry my best friend Ross on January 11, next year.

It has all been very easy and relaxed which is exactly what we want.

A small intimate ceremony at Orocco Pier with our closest loved ones. I think the most exciting part of the organising was when we managed to bag our favourite photographer Emma Gray. We can’t wait for her to capture our special day.

It just goes to show I can be extremely organised when I want to be, in the matter of two weeks, a venue, humanist, photographer, dress, bridesmaid dress, readings, songs and entertainment all arranged.

I have a passion for Italy and thoroughly enjoyed my family holiday to Lake Garda three years ago. It was a treat from my parents the week before I was going into hospital to get my mastectomy. It certainly was a great distraction for us all. I got the best surprise ever when my parents, sister and I were chilling when my brother and sister-in-law appeared out of no where. They planned with my mum to surprise us on the family holiday.

Much to my delight I have booked to go back to the exact same place but this time as a birthday treat. I am secretly hoping for some family members to surprise me again but if I am being realistic I doubt that will happen.

I look forward to showing my fiancé Ross around all my favourite and quirky restaurants and areas of Lake Garda.

Great times unfortunately can’t last forever, however I am enjoying rolling with them at the moment.