Perfectly Frank - Small gestures are ones to treasure

It is a great feeling to be fast approaching the spring months. This is my favourite time of the year; I think most people do love spring time.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 11:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 12:22 pm
Mandie enjoyed spending time at Citizen restaurant in Glasgow with her friend Debbie.
Mandie enjoyed spending time at Citizen restaurant in Glasgow with her friend Debbie.

I look forward to days out with some sunshine and daylight.

February has brought quite a rollercoaster of emotions too.

I was thoroughly enjoying a day out doing all of my favourite activities; breakfast at the Anchorline restaurant, lots of shopping and then dinner and wine in my newly found favourite restaurant, the Citizen in Glasgow.

While out enjoying myself the Beatson hospital called to confirm I would not be commencing the ‘Plasma Match’ trial as my blood sample did not show up any of the mutations they are able to treat at this moment in time.

As disappointing news as this is for me it did hit me hard, probably harder than I realised.

After speaking with my own consultant, we decided to use an alternative option to get my cancer under control again and having options does help me remain positive.

My consultant seemed cheery enough to have me back at Larbert for treatment.

I will be scanned in a few months to check the treatment is working which is music to my ears as I hope to plan a couple of trips away in this time.

The small gestures in life are the ones that we all treasure the most and I smiled on Valentine’s morning thanks to my friend and her six year old son Jack.

He was determined to write my card all by himself with no help from mummy (he is his mother’s double) and the card was written; “To Mambie from Tack.”

The part that melted my heart the most was when I text my friend later on to thank little Jack for my card and chose to spell my name and his name the exact same way in which he had written in the card.

Jack was not amused and said that’s nice mummy but Mandie spelled my name wrong. Kids these days are so switched on and independent.

The old saying is actions speak louder than words and I can’t agree more.

I had a lovely day with my dad over the weekend while he had a portrait of myself holding my pug in my arms, tattooed onto his chest.

A massive thanks to Darryl Mullen at Black Cobra Tattoos in Glasgow for completing such a special tattoo.

Darryl, who is such a talented artist, knows how important this tattoo is to my dad and he made the day perfect.

A tattoo is for life and I will remain with my dad forever this way.

It won’t be long now until we introduce baby Stevenson into the world.

My mum and dad have been practising their gran and grandpa duties with my pug Frank.

They attempted to have fun with Frank in the play park and sat him in the swing with the aim of pushing him like a baby.

I think they have been watching one too many YouTube videos but Frank was not having any of it.

He is a very spoiled boy and the love he continues to bring the family is touching.

As always, I hope you all have a good month sharing good times with your family and friends.