Perfectly Frank: Looking ahead to a special new arrival

It has been another busy month squeezing in plans around my marathon training.

Mandie Stevenson
Mandie Stevenson

People have told me I am mad for putting my body through the tough regime, however, I have been sensible with the training and really looked after myself throughout.

It has been difficult more so because of the extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing in Scotland.

One week minus degrees with snow and ice then the next a lovely spring day. Nevertheless, my body has adapted well and I am determined to remain focused – I am now at a distance of 17 miles.

At the baby shower for Mandie's sister-in-law's baby

The 26 mile run is beginning to feel achievable. Hard work does pay off, although my legs hate me right now!

I am hoping as many of my family and friends are able to come along on April 29 and join in the fun and make it a really special day. Thanks to everyone who has kindly donated on my Just Giving page for Strathcarron Hospice.

I had a lovely afternoon over at my sister-in-law’s mum’s house who hosted a Stevenson-Cockburn baby shower.

It was nice to spend the afternoon with all the females in our two families and, of course, Frank (my pug) who doesn’t miss out on these things!

At the baby shower for Mandie's sister-in-law's baby

The food, company and chat was good, as always.

I thought I was a good baker until Lisa showed up with her home made fancy biscuits that she personalised with all our names on them.

The baby shower put me right in the mood to head straight over to my favourite kid’s clothing shop in Falkirk named Kicks for Kids. I really could have easily spent my full months wage in there; the clothes are incredibly cute.

I almost wish I could fit into them myself. Thanks to the very friendly and helpful owner Kimberly for helping me out. I am delighted with the outfits and can’t wait to see baby Stevenson in them when he is born. I will be back.

With a quarter of 2018 already in, I feel I have taken the foot off the gas a little and need to make more fun plans.

As I am now weeks into my new treatment which seems to be going extremely well it feels right to now book my weekend trip away which I have been desperate to book for months – Rome with two of my best friends.

Italy is my favourite holiday destination. I love that it is only a short journey away and generally has sunny weather. We are planning on going in June and I can already hear the ice cream, pizza and wine calling our names.

I am also excited to have my picture taken in front of the Colosseum. This is just one of many plans I intend on making.

Through difficult times I have found strength through my family and friends and have genuinely had some of my happiest months of late.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when I randomly met someone that soon became special to me that I realised there was indeed a missing piece of the jigsaw in my life.

I was at a charity cancer event with my mum and friends and afterwards decided to head out in Falkirk with the girls, where I then met Ross.

My sister tells me I have had a smile on my face ever since. It was a deal breaker when my pug Frank took a shine to Ross too.

I guess he approves!