Perfectly Frank: Gig adds to the spice of life!

After 20 odd years of blasting the Spice Girls in my bedroom all those years ago when I was a young girl I was in my absolute element “spicing up my life”.

By Mandie Stevenson
Friday, 28th June 2019, 5:18 pm

I was delighted to have received a ticket for the Spice Girls concert as a Christmas present.

Murray field was a complete sell out and I genuinely believe most of Falkirk was at the concert going by my the amount of Facebook posts.

Most girls my age loved Spice Girls, growing up with posters of them on my bedroom wall and covering my primary school jotter with Spice Girls paper.

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I relived my childhood bouncing about chanting along to their classic songs.

We all had a fantastic lunch at Viva Mexico along with some refreshing margaritas before heading to Brewhemia to wash dinner down with some Prosecco.

I also had my first experience on a tram in Edinburgh which was jam packed with lots of people who had travelled from all over the world to see the Spice Girls.

I can honestly say it’s the best concert I have been to, with great company.

Father’s Day was a special one, I took my dad to the Canalside for lunch.

They had put on a special set menu for all the dads and it was certainly value for money.

I noticed my dads eyes light up when the waitress brought him over a complimentary nip of whisky.

After our meal we popped through to the bar area and had a few drinks. It was nice to spend time seeing my dad enjoying himself.

My boyfriend joined us and my dad was in his element chatting boy talk which was predominantly football and cars. Boys will be boys!

I had decided this year to get my dad a special box to keep his ever growing watch collection in.

I like that my dad love watches too; we are forever looking at new watches and it is something we bond over.

I will be getting the blame when more appear in the lovely box but life’s too short so treat yourself.

What a pleasant surprise I received whilst lying on the CT scanner at Forth Valley Hospital waiting to have my three-four monthly check up or MOT as I now call it.

The nurse promptly carried out the usual procedure while politely chatting away to help put me to ease.

As I wracked my brain thinking to myself have we met before and thinking we haven’t, I assumed she had been reading my monthly column.

She said: ‘‘Do you not remember me? I was the nurse that carried out your very first mammogram almost four years ago.’’

We laughed as I told her I had no recollection of her as I had been given every scan and blood test possible during that very long, tiring and shocking day I had been diagnosed with cancer.

I left the hospital feeling touched that she remembered me, I guess scanning a 26 year old was not a common thing.

I said: ‘‘Four years on, can you believe it?’’ She replied: ‘‘You must be doing something right,’’ and we left it at that.

I decided to have a break from the jetsetting in June.

I have found a new love for reading and have been almost reading one book a day when I have the time. It has been really good for me.