Perfectly Frank: Falkirk’s Mandie has lots of news to share

What an unbelievable few weeks: Firstly I received the news that my recent CT scan result is stable.

By Mandie Stevenson
Friday, 26th July 2019, 5:36 pm
Mandie and consultant Sam celebrate her good news
Mandie and consultant Sam celebrate her good news

All of my friends and family know how stressful it is receiving the scan and then waiting on the result.

I only need to wait a week but it does feel like the longest week of my life and my patience grows very thin.

My consultant at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Sam, has found me treatment that is allowing me to sustain a normal and happy life.

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I am extremely grateful for the very powerful drug Fulvestrant which I call my magic injection and it just goes to show that it seems to be working for a lot longer than expected.

Thanks also to all my family and friends who surrounded me that day making the good news even more special.

I had the best time reliving my childhood with my family in Blackpool for a few days.

It’s been a while since I have had a family holiday meaning that I cherish it even more.

It was a perfect mix of chilling and gallivanting around the different piers, walking along the beach and playing the machines in the arcades.

My mum and dad previously discovered a pub called the ‘‘Black Pug’’.

Obviously it was a must that we visit with my very own black pug, Frank.

We also visited St Anne’s and had a lovely day there. The sun was shining.

The highlight was spending a quality week with my family all together and of course my little nephew, Noah, who is 18 months old .

He thoroughly enjoyed his first holiday and I think it’s safe to say he will definitely want to go back to the beach.

Often with everyone’s busy schedules it is not possible to spend as much time together as is wanted so it was really nice seeing my family every day.

The celebrations continued with a week in the south of France.

A new destination and a very beautiful place indeed.

Ross and I based ourself in Nice and then travelled to Monte Carlo for the day and Cannes.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous and I really enjoyed walking to the marina and looking at all the different yachts. Most days consisted of walking for miles in the sunshine and then settling down in the afternoon with a glass of wine.

Monte-Carlo was lovely too and I enjoyed walking the Formula One circuit.

In Cannes we sauntered along the beach front, stood on the film festival red carpet and took a little train up into the mountains. To top off the trip I bagged myself a fiancé.

I am delighted to share our lovely news that Ross and I got engaged. Most people don’t seem too shocked by our news much to my astonishment but one thing for sure is I can’t wait to plan more fun and exciting things together. What a fabulous week!

When I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer nearly four years ago a big part of me felt I had my life cruelly taken from me but how wrong was I.

I have learned so much about myself and life in general and I can’t be more grateful for the gift of life.