Partner’s jealousy made life hell

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy

Lynn felt her husband’s jealousy was destroying their relationship. They had been married for 10 years, had no children and both worked. Lynn liked to go for a drink after work and enjoyed work nights out but invariably husband turned up having found out in advance where they were going or pestered her during the evening by endlessly texting her as to where they are.

On one occasion, she had gone outside to answer the phone to him but had to go back into the ‘noise’ of the pub as he was concerned that she was somewhere quiet on her own with someone.

At Christmas there was an office dinner without partners but, despite her asking him not to, half way through the evening husband turned up. His explanation was that he had got the time wrong to come and pick her up. Lynn was extremely embarrassed and inevitably was teased by colleagues.

The last straw was when she was on a business trip to Europe and was staying in a hotel.

Naturally she planned to go out to dinner with colleagues but her husband insisted that she had her meals in her room and position her laptop so that he could continue to see her on the Skype connection on which they were talking. It was at this point she snapped. She raged at him that he was obviously trying to ruin her career, he was humiliating her in front of colleagues and stressed that she had never looked at another man during their marriage.

She said that if there was no trust there was no relationship. She closed Skype and went to dinner.

When she got back to the hotel, she felt a bit guilty and was going to phone her husband to say good night. But instead she found an email so vile and hurtful she burst into tears.

She didn’t sleep that night and was still upset the next day.

On returning home, he ignored her. Later she forced a conversation and realised that he was as bothered that she might have enjoyed herself without him as he was about the possibility that she had been involved with one of her colleagues.

The marriage is now over. His uncontrollable jealousy was responsible.

Lynn, now single, is not romantically involved with any of her colleagues although, of course, her ex-husband cannot believe that!