Outdoor badge work

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BEAVERS and Scouts braved the rain to help improve their local nature reserve.

While Beavers from the 27th Bonnybridge group tackled the litter at the Bonnyfield Nature Reserve the Scouts cut back the broom.

Both sections were working on their community impact badge.

They had selected the mix of meadow, stream and wood to make their contribution and improve the area.

Clearing the broom will open up greater areas for people to walk through and picking the litter improves the look and environment for visitors and wildlife.

The joint effort was coordinated by Fiona Russell from Falkirk Council Ranger Service.

THE 27th also celebrated the achievements of its members at its annual general meeting.

The thriving group, which meets in Bonnybridge and Denny Scout Halls, handed out awards to members in all sections and then guests were entertained by the young people.

The cubs put on a photographic display as part of their activity badge, while the scouts ended up in a heap on the floor following their very funny skit and the beavers did a presentation of their work through the year.

Group scout leader Margaret Plank thanked everyone for their hard work throughout the year.

However, she and group chairman Grant McArthur made an appeal for an increase in the number of volunteers to help in all sections of the group.

WHAT’S the summer without an outbreak of camping.

And 23 Scouts from the 93rd Braes along with four Explorers/young leaders spent the May weekend camping at Windy Ridge at the Barrwood.

Most managed to snare patrol tents while the rest swung around in hammocks.

As the weather was so good they were able to spend time on the reservoir canoeing and building a raft.

AND on the same theme Scouts are preparing for the Falkirk District Scout camp at Barrwood.

With just little more than a week to go the teams have to be up to speed on their knots, pitching tents, making gadgets, cooking over gas and open fires and keeping their site and uniforms clean and tidy for the whole weekend.

Good luck to everyone taking part.