Outcome of shock video can only be positive

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Following on from my previous article on the negative effects I feel the media has on humanity, I feel that I should open this week’s columm with a more positive approach to technology.

It’s safe to say that social media is vastly consumed by the population as a whole, and the other day my faith in humanity was somewhat restored when I saw Facebook being used for some good.

It is becoming evident that people are beginning to use social media to raise awareness of certain causes. There has always been the presence of charity groups on Facebook that have encouraged people to be kinder to others and raised awareness of multiple different causes.

As I flicked through my Newsfeed recently my attention was brought to a video which would almost completely change my perspective on the effect that social media is having on our lives.

Following the deaths of
two men as a result of reckless driving, the police and deceased’s families made the decision to release video footage of the moment the men were killed. The initial response all over my feed was that of shock: the footage was extremely brutal, and a lot of my Friends struggled to understand just why the video was released.

It wasn’t uploaded to cause a stir or evoke pity to the families that have lost – it was to increase awareness of the dangers of taking drugs whilst driving. The release of this footage will, I am sure, in time help reduce the deaths that are caused by reckless driving. It literally shocks people into taking care whilst behind the wheel. Therefore, in my opinion, the outcome of this can only be positive.

Maybe then, the mass consumption of the media isn’t such a bad thing. If we can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to aid the greater good, then who knows what fantastic opportunities could lie ahead for humanity.