Out with the old, in with the new

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One of the final BB celebrations locally on December 21 was an excellent festive meal enjoyed by around two dozen Falkirk & District Stedfast Association members at the Leapark Hotel in Grangemouth. After the usual greetings of these old friends, hailing from as far away as East Kilbide; availing themselves of the supplied headgear, a transformation occurred from ‘‘best bib and tucker’’ to flashing reindeer horned creatures to pointy-eared Spock type elves. It all added to the ambience, as always enhanced with the repartee of seasonal jokes from the gift bearing crackers. Thereafter the noise level diminished as everyone enjoyed the service and fare of the meal itself which, as is often the case with these ‘‘veterans’’, extended well beyond an hour or two; a sure sign all was well and everyone was happy as they left with season’s greetings and looking forward to the monthly meetings planned for the new year.

As captains relax over the school break and have a few Fridays to themselves, thoughts may well stray not only from achievements past but also to what will lie ahead starting again almost immediately. Locally the Junior Section five-a-sides loom, along with the Anchor Boys’ fun day. For others still involved in the latter stages of national competitions, such rounds will too soon be upon them. The continuous planning of the week by week meetings and events goes on unceasingly and for the boys it seems, seamlessly enjoyable.

Officers may well have checked out the materials from the Brigade’s new campaign called ‘‘Raise the Bar’’. It’s all about pushing boundaries and supporting one another to improve the quality of what we do. More of this in our ‘‘Gazette’’ as well as hints on straightforward programme planning. Best wishes to everyone for 2019.