Our proud reputation rests on a single photograph

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The reputation of the Scots is at stake.

Are we honest and friendly or conniving and cunning?

The answer to that question depends on whether or not my Italian cousins receive a picture through the post in the next couple of weeks.

Let me explain.

The cousins in question regularly visit these shores and explore parts of Scotland which, to my shame, I’ve never taken the time to check out.

For years it’s been their ambition to head up to John O’Groats despite my warnings of hours and hours driving on lonely tree-lined roads for an ultimately disappointing experience.

(Where I got that impression from I don’t know as I’ve never ventured beyond Inverness).

This time, however, there was no stopping them and, after hours and hours driving on lonely tree-lined roads, they actually had quite a nice time.

Of course, such an adventure can’t go unrecorded so they paid £10 to have their picture taken at the tip of the country.

The only problem being they didn’t actually get

a photograph, just a promise that it will be sent on.

Call me sceptical, but ...