Our nurses don’t deserve the treatment they get

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
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My five-year-old had an argument with a door last week ... and lost.

That meant a visit to the A&E department of Forth Valley Royal, which – between me, my wife and Calum – has become a well-trodden path over the past year or so.

So much so that, once the formalities were dealt with, Calum asked if he could go to the toy room while we tried to explain how he knew the routine so well.

Anyway, an hour and a half, four paper stitches and a plaster later and we were on our way back home to enjoy a late tea.

The service from the staff was first class – and they certainly didn’t deserve the abuse hurled their way by one disgruntled patient.

Nobody likes waiting but, in a system which allows you to turn up announced and receive professional treatment free of charge, you’ve got to expect to sit twiddling your thumbs for a while.

Not so this gentlemen who castigated a nurse who had the temerity to walk past his cubicle to treat someone else and then verbally abused another for daring to look at the clock.

He eventually left with an appointment for the next day where I’m sure he was treated with the respect and courtesy he refused to show the staff.