Organic wines are really making their mark

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With the Soil Association spearheading Organic September, there couldn’t be a better time for eco-conscious wine lovers to support Europe’s biggest celebration of all things organic.

Earlier this year, champagne house Canard-Duchene was awarded an eco-trophy by the Montagne de Reims National Park for its wine-making facility at Ludes.

Its first organically grown champagne, Canard Duchene Authentic Green (£24 from £30, Oddbins), is a blend of 50 per cent chardonnay, 40 per cent pinot meunier and 10 per cent pinot noir for added fruit and complexity.

It’s exceptionally fresh with aromas of citrus and honey, a delicate fruity palate and good acidity.

Green party planners can cater to this flourishing wine culture with Sainsbury’s SO Organic range of wines (two whites, two reds).

Two easy-drinking Italians - the fresh and fruity, Sainsbury’s SO Organic Soave (£4.99), and the tangy and dry, Sainsbury’s SO Organic Pinot Grigio (£6.99) - are both great value.